CryoGeneration distributes best-in-breed cryotherapy equipment to clients across the United States. We make each purchase turnkey, guiding entrepreneurs from health care, fitness and the beauty space throughout the entire process.

With each purchase we provide:

  • Business Modeling
  • Assistance in working with your architect and GC on facilities modeling and layout
  • Product selection
  • Helping you source all supporting products (gas provider, hose, O2 sensors, client garb, and more)
  • Training / Manuals / Client Questionaires / Treatment protocols
  • Consultation on creating compelling client offerings

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Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals While Using Cryotherapy Equipment

Cryotherapy machines – when purchased from trusted and credible sources such as THIS – can really help improve your spa business and offerings. Cryotherapy is becoming popular across the world for helping people improve their health, reduce stress and best of all enhance overall quality of life. It can address a variety of health conditions … Continue reading Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals While Using Cryotherapy Equipment

Single Person Cryochambers & its benefits

The single person Cryochamber is an engineering wonder and an improved design innovation populated with a number of strategic benefits and useful features. One of the main advantages of single person Cryochamber is that it can be placed and installed literally anywhere with no need for any special preparation, thereby allowing you to conduct whole … Continue reading Single Person Cryochambers & its benefits

Know the Process That Goes Inside the Cryotherapy Chamber

Restore, repair, rejuvenate your body towards a better health using freezing cold temperature using Cryotherapy, which involved standing briefly in a chamber enveloped with freezing cold air and temperature reaching as low as -140°C for a total of around three minutes. Cryotherapy takes inflammation out of your body, strategically reprograms your neurological signals, leverages on … Continue reading Know the Process That Goes Inside the Cryotherapy Chamber

Benefits of Using Cryotherapy Machine

Whether you are an entrepreneur, belong to health and wellness industry, spa and resorts industry, or sports and fitness industry; adding cryotherapy treatment can really boost your offerings and enhance your value to clients. The cryotherapy industry is ever evolving. Given the changing consumer preferences and volatile industry; a wide variety of standalone cryo products … Continue reading Benefits of Using Cryotherapy Machine

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